07 February 2013

Archos Video Player v7.1.5 on a s5110

Hi everyone!
   The video player app that comes with the ICS Rom it´s a nice app but has very few options an features. It does the job well but it lack of important features as continue playing from the last point and has very few configurable options.
   So I tried alternative players to test in the s5110 and replace the stock video player.

   The first one I tried it´s the "Archos Video Player (v7.1.5)". Archos it´s a company that always aspired to give you a great video experience. Archos Video Player offers hardware and software decoding (if you wish), and claims to play just about everything.
   I installed it and fired it up and wow!, what a change! It´s a very stylish app with many many many features. The downside it´s that it´s a paid app :(
   BUT, after I tried some videos I realized that it´s a power hungry app and our little s5110 isn´t up to the job :(
   This is an Archos Video Player fault!, it´s not completely optimized  and so it´s not as fast as the ICS stock video player.

   Per example I tried some TV episodes with non HD quality:

      Codec: H264
      Resolution: 720x404
      Frame Rate: 23,9
      Audio: AAC, stereo, 48Khz
      Subtitles in *srt format.

   The stock Video Player played them so far so good meanwhile the Archos one had some performance problems :(.
   I searched the internet about the Archos performance problems and I found people having them too with higher specs devices (like the Nexus 4!)

  So the Archos Video Player it´s a pricey no-go cute app for the s5110. I´ll stick with the stock player till I found the "right one"

   Tests using the "MX Player v1.7.10". 
   This Video Player is a nice app with multi-core decoding support but this feature doesn´t bother us, does it?
   I tested it with the same video files as the other two players and it´s better than Archos but it´s still lagging at video decoding. So stock layer continues at the top of the charts!

   Last player I tested was the "Meridian Media Player Pro v2.6.0c". Nice player too with many options to choose from. After playing the same video files as the other three, this player has NO video lagging! Good news! Still it has a little problem with subtitles, it delays the subtitles for less than a second. This alone it´s not very important problem but a little bug?
   So Meridian is the natural stock Video Player replacement for the s5110! Try it for yourself and have a good time!

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