11 February 2013

s5110 and Outrun (Arcade)



   I´ve been triyng the Outrun Arcade game version on a JXD s5110. Actually there are two emulators that will do this job:

  •  MAME4droid v1.5.2

  • Final Burn Alpha Android - aFBA v1.6

These two emulators can´t run the game at 100% speed on a JXD s5110 device so some "frame skipping" it´s necessary to play it.
(Maybe an optimizied version will run it at 100% on these low cost device?)

Both emulators runs quite well the Outrun Arcade Roms with little frame skip but MAME4droid gets a faster/better emulation.
(aFBA needs more frame skipping than MAME4droid but it has one of the best emulators GUI. It´s very very nice!)

So Mame4droid it´s the winner, just watch the videos and compare for yourself:

  • In this video you can see Mame4droid configuration and ingame and aFBA configuration and ingame

So, what are you waiting for? Donwload the ROM and the emu and have a nice time playing Outrun on this little Android device.
Happy playing!

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