29 January 2013

RetroArch Android 0.9.8 r5 (Jan 28, 2013) on a s5110

   I´ve been testing this new multi emulator for the Android platform on the s5110 device. This emulator it´s in an early development stage and it´s not a valid one for the s5110:

    - Virtual on-screen controls must be disable after loading of any game It´s a bit annoying.
   - There are no configuration options available for any of the emulators
   - The GBA emulator is not as good as GameBoid. It lost frames and the sound is terrible.

   At least the RetroArch let´s you use the s5110 hardware keys out-of-the-box ;)

   BTW It´s good to have a new emulator in the Android scene!!!

UPDATE: The RetroArch developers are working on a faster GBA core. Great news!

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