14 January 2013

Test: GigaTV Android HD620 T - No go :(

   I have the opportunity to test a nice Android 4.0 TDT device: the GigaTV Android HD620 T from tvtech.

   I wanted to play some emulators/Android games on it plugging an USB gamepad through any of its 3 USB connectors and watching it on a CRT Sony Trinitron 29".
   The idea was to connect the USB gamepad and with a "remapping" program use the gamepad to control emulators and Android games that aren´t programmed to recognize it. I had two programs to achieve this goal:


- Gamekeyboard 3.1.0

  - USB-BT JoyCenter 6.41

I connected my gamepad and the device recognized it automatically. It also let me use the gamepad sticks to move through system menus...cool.

Then I installed Gamekeyboard program and tried to run it. It didn´t detect my USB gamepad. After investigating the problem I realize that this program needs to change the active android input method to a new one added by the Gamekeyboard program.
This new method was unselectable :(...whatever I tried to activate it failed. So without activating this new method the program is useless.
The very same problem happened with  USB-BT JoyCenter :(.

So, why can´t I change the Android input method in this device? I still don´t know. This device is pre-rooted so no worries about that.
It´s a pity that I couldn´t get any far as this device seems quite impressive for its low prize.

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