16 October 2012

Playing Mame on Android (II) - Jrioni Arcade v3.2.0

Jrioni Arcade v3.2.0 (paid) -

Playing MAME games on an Android device (Xperia Neo)

Jrioni Arcade v3.2.0 Features
- ROMs path selectable- Easy launcher. Just select rom and run
- Add images to your games (similar as MAMEUI snapshots)
- Remembers the last game played

This is the hardware you´re going to need:

   - Android device (in this case, I use a Xperia Neo mobile phone)
   - Jrioni Arcade v3.2.0
   - MicroSD
   - Games ROMs. Romset MAME 0.37b5 (July 2000).

  Watch it now:   (Finishing the final video...It will be available ASAP)

1.- Installing the program and ROMs
   First, you need to download the MAME emulator for your Android device.

   - Jrioni Arcade v3.2.0
   The official page is jrioni-arcade.blogspot.com.es and you can download it from Google Play (Lite and Full paid versions). The only limitation it´s the Savegames option. You can´t load savegames with "Lite" version

   Copy the downloaded file (Jrioni Arcade 3.2.0.apk) from your PC to the MicroSD card.

   Second, you need to download some of your favourites MAME Games. Use "your friend" Google to get them. (For example use search strings like "MAME Q*bert ROM")

   You don´t need to make new directories in your MicroSD card to copy the ROMs to. You can put the ROMS files wherever you like in your MicroSD card

   Finally, put your MicroSD Card back into the Android device and use any launcher to install the emulators.

   The emulator supports the following games:
   - Mame rom set 37b, Neo Geo and CPS1 games.

   Important: Neo Geo Games need the Neo Geo BIOS in directory where the roms are.

2.- Configuring the emulator
   Jrioni Arcade v3.2.0 has almost no options so it is just a click and run app.

   Start the app and click on the "option" menu" It will display the configuration options.

"Load ROM File" Selector

"My Cabinet" Selector

In addition, there are a few in-game options.

"Screen size" option
"Rotation" option
"Screen Position" option

   There is NO configurable options to get the most of devices like the Xperia Neo :(

3.- Using the emulators

Start the emulator, choose the "Load ROM File" option from the main screen.

   Then choose the game you want to play from the selector screen.

After the game has started click on the red upper left virtual button to insert coins and start the game.

   The controls you will use are the virtual ones draw at the screen´s left side (6 colored buttons labeled from 1 to 6 and a 4-way D-pad stick)

   Android gamepads may use the hardware controls configuring them properly but I have no opportunity in testing it.

4.- Games tested
These games tested run at full speed:

  New Rally X- Very nice playing with touch controls.

Pacmania - Very nice to play.

Metal Slug - Some little noises scratches here and there but very nice to play ;)

Outrun - Doesn´t show the gears box :( but very enjoyable

Spy Hunter - Very hard to control. Needs more tests

Pole Position - Hard to control using virtual controls. Needs more testing with virtual options controls.
Q*bert - Very enjoyable

5.- Pros/Cons

   This is another nice Mame emulator for Android devices despite it´s lacking of configuration options

   Using Virtual controls make some screen zones "invisible" :(


   - Many games are working perfect. Q*bert, Pac-Man, Dig dug arcades on a Neo are just great!
   - Configurable ROMs directory
   - ROMs path selectable
   - Easy launcher. Just select rom and run
   - Add images to your games (similar as MAMEUI snapshots)
   - Remembers the last game played
   - DIP Switches accessible
   - Autofire option.
Cons:   - Virtual Controls are hard to use, as they provide "no feedbacks". I usually end with my fingers out of the controls zone :(
   - No configurable button layout
   - No save states
   - No highscores support.
   - No game configuration options (as MAME4Droid has)

6.- Final Opinion

   It is a great emulator but you should get use to the screen controls.
   Some games are easier to play using the virtual control (I miss an Android game tablet with HW controls!)
   It´s not as configurable as MAME4Droid but I think it runs games better than MAME4Droid (just a bit better)
   So it´s a great emulator to click and run games without having to mess with it.

These is a W.I.P. post. I´ll update it ASAP with more tested games and videos

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