16 April 2014

Android emulators list

This is an up to date and almost complete list of available Android emulator

   MAME4droid (0.37b5) v1.5.2
   MAME4droid Reloaded (0.139) v1.2.1 ( targeted to Dual-Core devices)
   Jrioni Arcade Full Version (paid) v3.2.0 (CPS1, NEOGEO and MAME v0.37 romset)
      - jrioni-arcade.blogspot.com.es
   Tiger Arcade v4.0.0 Beta (with Ads, Final burn alpha romset, CPS 1, CPS 2, CPS 3, Neo-Geo)
      - apps.tigerplay.info
   Final Burn Alpha Android - aFBA v1.6 (support multiple systems) (Mame 0.144 romset)   RetroArch v0.9.8.4 r12 (Feb 18, 2013) (emulator: Final Burn Alpha) (free)
      - www.libretro.org
   CPSEmu v1.4 (Capcom CPS2 emulator) (free)
      - forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1483303
   CPS2HD Emulator v4.1.0 (Capcom CPS2 emulator)
      - jrioni-cps2.blogspot.com.es/

   NEO.emu v1.5.19 (Mar 6, 2014) (Neogeo arcade and home system emulator, romsets from MAME 0.144 or newer, Need BIOS file)
      - explusalpha.com
  NeoDroid 2.0 (free) (based on GnGeo v0.8)
      - forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1402986

 Sega Dreamcast
   NULLDC vAlpha-01
      (Requirements: ARMv7+ 2.1+ 800x480)

   Reicast r6 (Feb 28, 2014)


Sega Saturn

   Yabause, AE Free v2.0
         - www.infusedreams.com

   Saturn.emu v1.5.19 (Mar 19, 2014)
        - www.explusalpha.com

   ePSXe v1.9.4
   PSX4droid v3.0.7 Beta
   FPse v0.11.129  (Apr 13, 2014)

   RetroArch v1.0.0.2 (Mar 13, 2014) (emulator: PCSX ReARMed) (free)
      - www.libretro.org
   Tiger PS Emulator v1.0.5 (free)
      - apps.tigerplay.info

Nintendo 64
   N64oid v2.7
   MupenPlus 64 AE v2.4.4 (Jan 14, 2014)

      - www.paulscode.com
   N64droid v0.1
   N64 4 DroiD v1.0.0
   Totally N64 Emulator v1.0.5
   N64 Emulator Pro v12.0

Sega CD
   MD.emu v1.5.8
      - explusalpha.com
   RetroArch v1.0.0.2 (Mar 13, 2014) (emulator: Genesis Plus GX) (free)
      - www.libretro.org

Sega Mega Drive / Genesis
   Gensoid v2.4.3
      - www.gensoid.com
   MD.emu v1.5.19 (Mar 6, 2014)
      - explusalpha.com
   RetroArch v1.0.0.2 (Mar 13, 2014) (emulator: Genesis Plus GX) (free)
      - www.libretro.org
   GenPlusDroid v1.9.3
   Tiger GENESIS/MD Emulator v2.0.0 (free)
      - apps.tigerplay.info

Super Nintendo
   Snes9x Ex Ver. 1.5.19 (Mar 6, 2014)
   Snes9x EX+ v1.5.8 (Increased emulation accuracy but needs 1.5-2x more CPU power, for 1GHz+ ARMv7 and x86 devices)
   Snesoid v2.2.4
      - www.snesoid.com
   SuperGNES v1.3.14
   Animaonline SNES Emulator v1.6
   RetroArch v1.0.0.2 (Mar 13, 2014) (emulator: Genesis Plus GX) (free)
      - www.libretro.org
   Tiger SNES Emulator v2.4.4 (free)
      - apps.tigerplay.info
Nintendo NES
   Nesoid v2.5.0
      - www.nesoid.com
   NES-FC v1.09 (Mar 24, 2014)
   NES.emu v1.5.8
      - www.explusalpha.com
   iNES v3.9.5 (Apr 11, 2014)
     - fms.komkon.org/iNES/
   John NES v1.54
   Jnes v1.4.4.51 (Mar 19, 2014)
      - www.jabosoft.com
   RetroArch v1.0.0.2 (Mar 13, 2014) (emulator: Genesis Plus GX) (free)
      - www.libretro.org
   Tiger NES Emulator v1.4.0 (free)
       - apps.tigerplay.info

Atari 2600
   Ataroid v1.0.4
   2600.emu v1.5.16 (Feb 27, 2014)
      - explusalpha.com
   JXD-a2600 v1.1.0 (Atari 2600 emulator for JXD and G18) (free)
      - zx81.zx81.free.fr

TurboGrafx-16 or PC Engine
   PCE.emu v1.5.19 (Mar 6, 2014)
      - explusalpha.com
   RetroArch v1.0.0.2 (Mar 13, 2014) (emulator: Genesis Plus GX) (free)
      - www.libretro.org

Sega Master System
   Gearoid v1.7.2
   GenPlusDroid v1.9.3
   MasterGear v2.9.2 (Mar 18, 2014)
   MD.emu v1.5.8
      - www.explusalpha.com
   RetroArch v1.0.0.2 (Mar 13, 2014) (emulator: Genesis Plus GX) (free)
      - www.libretro.org

   ColEm v2.9.9 (free) (Mar 13, 2014)
   - fms.komkon.org/ColEm/
   JXD-Coleco v 1.1.2 (Colecovision emulator for JXD and G18) (free)
      - zx81.zx81.free.fr

   VecX v1.1.01 (free)
      - http://zx81.zx81.free.fr

Handheld game Consoles

Nintendo DS
  Dsoid v1.9.11
  DraStic DS v2.2.1.1a (Apr 8, 2014)
    - www.drastic-ds.com
  nds4droid v19 (free)
     - www.jeffq.com/blog/nds4droid

   PPSSPP v0.9.8 (Mar 22, 2014)
      - www.ppsspp.org

Nintendo Game Boy Advance
   GBAoid v2.4.7 (recommended)

   My Boy! - GBA Emulator v1.5.24 (Mar 29, 2014)
   GBA.emu v1.5.19 (Mar 6, 2014)
      - explusalpha.com
   Virtual GameBoy Advance v4.3.8 (Mar 24, 2014)
       - fms.komkon.org/VGBA/
   RetroArch v1.0.0.2 (Mar 13, 2014) (emulator: VBA Next) (free)
      - www.libretro.org
   Tiger GBA v2.7.6 (free)
   LalaGBA v1.3 (supports netplay)
   Hyper Gameboy and Advance Don v3.
      - www.codlab.eu 

Nintendo Game Boy and Game Boy Color
   My Boy! - GBA Emulator v1.5.23 (Mar 13, 2014)
   GBCoid v2.0.0
      - www.gameboid.com
   GBC.emu v1.5.19 (Mar 6, 2014)
      - www.explusalpha.com
   Virtual GameBoy v4.2.1 (Apr 7, 2014)
            - fms.komkon.org/VGB/
   John GBC v1.62
   RetroArch v1.0.0.2 (Mar 13, 2014) (emulator: Gambatte) (free)
      - www.libretro.org
   Tiger GBC Emulator v2.1.0 (free)
      - apps.tigerplay.info

  Sega Game Gear
   Gearoid v1.7.2
   MasterGear v2.9.5 (Apr 14, 2014)
   RetroArch v1.0.0.2 (Mar 13, 2014) (emulator: Genesis Plus GX) (free)
       - www.libretro.org 

   WonderDroid v1.8c (free)
      - code.google.com/p/wonderdroid
   RetroArch v1.0.0.2 (Mar 13, 2014) (emulator: Mednafen Wonderswan) (free)
      - www.libretro.org

Neo Geo Pocket Color
   NGP.emu v1.5.19 (Mar 6, 2014)
      - explusalpha.com
   RetroArch v1.0.0.2 (Mar 13, 2014) (emulator: Mednafen NGP) (free) 
      - www.libretro.org


Atari Lynx
   aLynx Ver. 1.0.32 (free)
      - github.com/rock88/aLynx-android-port

Nintendo Virtual Boy
   RetroArch v1.0.0.2 (Mar 13, 2014) (emulator: Mednafen VB) (free)
      - www.libretro.org

Computers 16-bits

 Atari ST
   SToid v1.5

Amiga 500
   UAE4Droid 0.998.2 (free) 
      - www.accelerated-ideas.com/AmigaEmulatorZone/uae4droid-tutorial.aspx
   Uae4all2-SDL v2.3.0.0 (free)
      - anddev.at.ua/load/emulators/uae4all2_sdl_pandora_edition/2-1-0-20
   PUAE-SDL 2.6.1b1 (Jul 7, 2013) (free)
      - anddev.at.ua/load/emulators/puae_amiga_emulator/2-1-0-15
   DroidPUAE - WIP03 16.12.2011
      - droidpuae.blogspot.com.es/
   Omega500 v0.2.1 (alpha version) (Android 4.0 and up) (free)
      - dev.galu.info/omega500.html
   AnUAE4All v1.3.0
      - sites.google.com/site/anuae4all  
   Uae4All-SDL v2.3.5.2 (Pandora version port) (Feb 2, 2014) (free)
      - anddev.at.ua/load/emulators/uae4all2_sdl_pandora_edition/2-1-0-20
   E-UAE-SDL v0.8.29-WIP 4 (May 25, 2013) (free)
      - anddev.at.ua/load/emulators/e_uae_0_8_29_wip4/2-1-0-23

 Computers 8-bits

Commodore 64
   Frodo C64 v0.96.2
   VICE v2.4.0.00 (Mar 5, 2014) (free)
   Vice C64 2.4 (Mar 4,.2013) (free)
      - anddev.at.ua/load/emulators/vice_c64_emu/2-1-0-8
   Mobile C64 v1.6.24 (Mar 6, 2014)
   AnVICEx64 v1.0.5
      - sites.google.com/site/anvicex64/  
   C64.Emu v1.5.19 (Feb 21, 2014)
      - explusalpha.com

ZX Spectrum
   ZXdroid v0.5.2 (free)
      - zxdroid.drodin.com/

   Marvin v1.6.2
      - marvin-emulator.blogspot.com/
   Speccy v3.0.4 (Apr 9, 2014)
      - fms.komkon.org/Speccy/
   unreal speccy portable v0.0.58 (Mar 31, 2014)
      - code.google.com/p/unrealspeccyp/

   MSX.Emu v1.5.19 (Mar 6, 2014)
      - explusalpha.com

    fMSX v3.8.1 (Mar 26, 2014) (free)
      - fms.komkon.org/fMSX/


 Amstrad CPC
   CPCDroid v1.5.1


BBC Micro
      Beebdroid (BBC Micro emulator) v1.3


Apple II
   cAndy Apple v1.62

Atari 800
   Atari800-SDL v3.0.0 (May 26, 2013) (free)
      - http://anddev.at.ua/load/emulators/atari800_2_2_1/2-1-0-9
   Droid 800 v7
   Colleen v2.0 (free)

Microsoft DOS
   DosBox Turbo v2.1.3 (Mar 19, 2014)
   DosBox 0.74 b3 (Feb 19, 2010)
       - anddev.at.ua/load/emulators/dosbox_0_74/2-1-0-12


Scumm Engine
   ScummVM v1.5.0 (free)
      - scummvm.org/downloads/

ResidualVM v0.2
   ResidualVM-SDL v0.2.0 (Set 15, 2013) (free)
      - anddev.at.ua/load/residualvm_0_2_0git861e696_dirty/1-1-0-19
   - forums.residualvm.org/viewtopic.php?t=61&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=90&sid=91c80bbf9ec66f3f3c7a7dbc0bfaa061 (free)

Doom 1 / Doom 2 / Ultimate Doom / Final Doom
   RetroArch v1.0.0.2 (Mar 13, 2014) (game engine: prBoom) (free)
      - www.libretro.org

Cave Story

   RetroArch v1.0.0.2 (Mar 13, 2014) (game engine: NX Engine) (free)
      - www.libretro.org  

   Android Chip-8

Flash Games
   Smart SWF Player- Flash Viewer v1.37

Java Games
   Java J2ME Runner v2.0.3.7

   OpenBOR v1.0 (OpenBOR v3.0 Build 3805)
      - www.lavalit.com/

   Paintown-release v3.6
      - paintown.sourceforge.net/

Game & Watch
   Game & Watch simulator for JXD / G18 (free)
      - zx81.zx81.free.fr
Texas Instruments graphing calculator
   AlmostTI v2.3.6
(Mar 5, 2014)



  1. all that's missing that I know of is pokemini but i didn't work on the nexus 7 when i tried it.

  2. Yeah, all that I see missing is Saturn.emu and Colleen for Atari 800XL. It blows all those other Atari emulators out of the water. Thanks for posting this, I hope you will keep testing programs and keep things like this up to date.

  3. I was wondering if you actually tried out the LalaGBA net play. I've been trying it out but without any luck.

  4. Qué buen post! mi nuevo blog es: www.rubikni.blogspot.com

  5. There is a Gamecube Emulator as well (Dolphin) but it is pre alpha (on Android.) I guess you could call it a Wii emulator too!

    Also PPSSPP is v0.8 now (plus PPSSPP is a free app, PPSSPP Gold is just a way of donating to the developer. Other than the price, name and icon they are identical.) Actually, wouldn't it be better to just list the apps, and not the version numbers? Your version numbers are out of date (nds4droid,for example, was at release 33 last time I checked, as opposed to 19.)

    Anyways, nice list!

  6. Hi, I really appreciate your blog. Great!

  7. Thank Goodness!! This is a list I can use. Thanks alot for it, much appreciated.

  8. Great list - thank you!

    I still have not found a emulator for testing Android apps that have been written for specific Android phone on an Android tablet device (with bigger display / higher resolution to be able to display correctly the native resolution of the phone). So a sort of Android-in-Android emulator or a virtual Android machine running under Android. The sensors of the Android host tablet (Gyro etc.) should be usable under the emulator as well. ANYTHING LIKE THIS EXISTS?

  9. I wonder dual screen Nintendo Mario Bros game in watch can be emulated on my android device. Got its perfect pc emulator but looking for android version.

  10. Great list. Thanks you. I provide android app development services to partner, company as a services. Then. I need it. Thanks again.

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