03 December 2012

Vectrex MineStorm World Hi-Score

On Sunday 2 of december I broke (again) the world MineStorm Hi-Score with 1.700.121 points (Level 94)
I reached level 94 after 1h 45 min.playing and I couldn´t keep on playing because I was very very tired :(

 My objective was to reach level 89 and test if my MineStorm "hangs up" at this level

Level 55 - 949.783 points

Level 56 - 963.423 points

Level 57 - 3.678 points (1.00.000 + 3.678 points)
Pointers counter "reset" to zero.

In some MineStorm versions you can´t pass level 89

Level 94, 1.700.121 points, 3 lives left. I quit playing.

(Note: the video has no sound so I add a youtube track)

Next Objective: Pass level 99 and see if it goes to level 100 or 0 (reset level counter)

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